Vehicle Sourcing

Can’t find the car you are looking for?

We have hundreds of vehicles availble to us on the ex-fleet and ex-rentals list but maybe you are after something different, maybe you are after a new car but want the best deal, or a nearly new VW Golf GTD but you want a few options on it or want to try it for 6 motnhs before you commit. Maybe you have got your heart set on a rare vehicle such as a Mercedes SLS or even a McLaren?

It doesn’t matter what car (or van) you maybe looking for, we can certainly help!

New Cars and Vans

If you know what you want, but you don’t want to deal with the franchised dealers, then give us a call with the car you want. We can help you get discount by using our manufacturer terms or incentives to get you a great price on your next vehicle and even offer you the same financing deals as the franchised dealers.

Nearly New Cars and Vans

We run a large Short Term Leasing fleet and have options on vehicles from other suppliers, should you not find what you are looking for on our lists then give us a call, we can try and source something for you.

Ex-Fleet/Ex-Rental cars

A great way to get a newer car at a great price. Our Ex-Fleet and Ex-Rental vehicles for sale can offer huge savings compared with Brand New Cars and even pre-reg vehicles. Have a look on our website and see if there is anything of interest.

Short Term Car Leasing

Looking for a car but you don’t want to commit for 2 or 3 years? Then our Short Term Leasing solutions maybe for you! We offer both flexible and fixed short term contracts from 28 days to 12 months on a wide range of cars and vans. Usually Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. With an option to purchase some of the vehicles at the end.

Rare or Classic Cars

Want something a little special, maybe a rare Ferrari or the latest McLaren? Then give us a call and see if we can help you. We have lots of contacts in the trade including a local gent who specialises in this sector!

Commercial Vehicles

Another one of our strong points, we have Gordon Butson! Who loves his commercial vehicles. He has found all sorts of standard and specialised vehicles for a number of customers. Tell him what you want and we will see what we can do!

Contract Hire and Leasing

This is what Cocoon was born to do! We have over 12 funders at our finger tips to help you find the best deal on your next lease car. We have access to the majority of manufacturer offers as well as the ones from the likes of Lex Autolease, Arval, Alphabet and Genus.

For more information please send us an email at or call us on 01332 650545.