About Us

Where do we begin?

Used Cars in Derby is part of Cocoon Vehicles which was established in 2007, mainly as a Contract Hire and Leasing broker. As the time went on, our range of services altered and we are now one of the largest Short Term Car and Van leasing businesses in the UK!

The benefits of running a Short Term Fleet is that the majority of our vehicles are either leased in or on manufacturer buy backs! AT the end of the term usually 6, 9 or 12 months we have an option to purchase these at a great price. They usually go back to the manufacturer and hit their forecourt as an “approved” vehicle with a large margin over the top of them!

We are now using these vehicles to run our very own Ex-Fleet and Ex-Rental car purchasing centre in Derby. When the vehicles are returned to us, they now go on our website, Autotrader and Ebay are are sold at a fantastic price, especially compared to the big franchises!

We offer the same level of service as a main dealer, we offer competitive finance packages, part exchanges and even warranties. But overall you will pay less and we hope you will also get a better experience!

Give us a call on 01332 650545 for more information or email us at enquiries@used-cars-in-derby.co.uk