Rhys Adams

I am a Director of Cocoon Vehicles Ltd in Derby, since starting in February 2007, I have helped build the business by streamlining many aspects and investing in more IT, implementing new technology into the business. I have also increased revenue streams into the business by looking at our fixed overheads, and adding additional features to these. An example of this is our insurances, we have a standard Motor Group Policy and have added Goods In Transit so that we can offer Sameday Courier Deliveries using a simple but effective business model that I transformed from another current business.

Cocoon started as a Contract Hire and Leasing Broker, but over time we have helped transform this business from what is effectively a Motor Dealership but without a forecourt. Approaching Manufacturers and Funders, we have put terms in place to enable Cocoon to sell Any Make or Model of Car or Van, at a discounted price. This can be on Outright Purchase, Hire Purchase, PCP, Contract Hire or Lease Hire. Just as a standard dealership or car supermarket would.

Our biggest section of the business is our Short Term Car Leasing section with over 200 vehicles on the road at any one time. These cars are available from 3 x 28 days and offer very flexible terms.

Marketing Director
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